This month is entirely dedicated to raising awareness about Men’s health and issues impacting the health and wellness of men and boys.

Men’s Health Month includes two other observances “Men’s Health Week” and “#showusyourblue day” where people are encouraged to wear blue in awareness of men’s health on June 18th, 2021.

In honor of Men’s Health Month we have a list of things to do to be active and engaged all month long. Raising awareness in your own circles could help a man or boy you love stay healthy!

  1. EARLY SCREENING! Catching diseases early can be the difference between life or death. As a man gets older there are screenings that should be done regularly to make sure he is healthy. Prostate exams and colonoscopies to name a couple. You can share posts on your social media about these important early screenings and help others remember it’s time to schedule these screenings.
  2. EXERCISE! 30 minutes a day of movement is the basic guideline for a healthy lifestyle. This is a great habit to instill in yourself and all of your loved ones. If you’re a parent, helping set a good example for exercise and movement for your children is a great way to honor Men’s Health Month.
  3. GET INFORMED! There is so much information on that you can share with the men in your life. Posting on social media, having conversations with your brother, father, uncle, son, etc. The more informed you are, the more helpful you can be to those around you.
  4. HELP THE MOVEMENT! The Men’s Health Movement is not limited by gender. Anyone can help promote men’s health and encourage the health and wellness of the men around them. Wives and mothers are some of the biggest allies in the Men’s Health Movement. Stay connected and keep encouraging those you love.


For more information on Men’s Health Month and/or other ways to stay healthy or encourage the men around you, check out To find a men’s health care provider near you, you can find doctors on our website at