Winter is officially here, and unfortunately, so is flu season. The winter months are the perfect time for sickness such as the flu to spread throughout your family. Here are some simple ways to help you prevent sickness:

Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands may seem obvious, but it is an important reminder. You should not only be washing your hands after you use the restroom, but you should also be washing your hands before you eat, after you exit a store, and on a regular basis throughout the day. If you are not able to wash your hands, it is important to carry hand sanitizer with you throughout the day.

Avoid Touching Your Face

The average person touches their face 23 times an hour. Think about all of the surfaces you touch before you touch your face. If you touch a doorknob and then touch your face, all of those germs have now been given an easy access into your body. Even if you think your hands are clean, it is important to break the habit to prevent sickness.

Cover Your Mouth and Nose

While covering your mouth and nose when you sneeze and cough won’t prevent you from getting sick, it will prevent your sickness from spreading. If you are sick, be considerate of the people around you, and keep your distance. By covering your mouth, you will help prevent the spread of any flu viruses.

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